Mountain Roots

Mountain roots
Mountain Roots runs the Farm to School Program for the school.  As part of this program Mountain Roots is providing lessons focusing on Colorado Academic Standards for science that are taught in the classroom for K-5th grade throughout the school year. 

 Through this science enrichment project, students receive anywhere from four to ten classroom lessons taught by a trained educator.  The lessons are designed with the school garden as a central focus, as well as each being hands-on and inquiry based.


  • 5 Senses in the Garden
  • Seed Dispersal
  • Life Cycle of plants and insects
  • Soil
  • Composting
  • Habitats
  • Classification
  • Seasons in the garden
  • Parts of the plant that you eat!
  • Edible vs. Nonedible 
  • Food Miles
  • Soil
  • Climate change
  • Farm animals

Mountain Roots also coordinates special classroom visits in the spring with the 1st and 3rd grades.  In 1st grade students learn about what happens on a livestock farm, with a classroom visit from the CSU State Extension of Gunnison County and a field trip to Parker Pastures.  In 3rd grade students learn about the creation of a healthy meal with a visit from local chef, Dana Zobbs.  This lesson is supplemented by a Mountain Roots lesson on creating a healthy plate at every meal. 

In April, students help to “dig-in” to the garden by starting seeds in the classroom and taking care of them while they sprout in the school’s grow cart.  When seeds are ready, students’ head out to the garden to take part in the spring planting of many of the vegetables and flowers in the school garden.  Mountain Roots also hosts the Eco-Challenge, where classes participate by recording their eco-deeds throughout the month in order to celebrate Earth Day – April 22nd.  The class with the most eco-deeds wins a prize!